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71% of TV viewers in Southeast Asia watch ad-supported streaming: Magnite study

Alisha Deo

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Magnite has unveiled its latest research study Streaming TV’s New Era: Embracing Ad-supported Streaming Across Screens in Southeast Asia. The research, which spans markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, finds that ad-supported streaming services deliver scale and impact for brands and that 71% of TV viewers in Southeast Asia watch ad-supported streaming, closing the gap with traditional TV viewers.

The study reveals that ad-supported streamers are spending an average of two hours a day watching streaming content and embracing content across devices. These cross-device viewing habits generate more meaningful connections with brands and influence purchasing decisions. 68% of ad-supported viewers take action after seeing an ad on streaming platforms, and 94% are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices. Ad-supported streaming audiences are highly engaged when watching streaming, which is winning viewers’ attention over social video. 92% of ad-supported viewers report being engaged when watching streaming content as compared to 62% of social media users who say user-generated videos on social media don’t hold their attention very long.

Viewers in Southeast Asia see the value exchange in streaming ads. 79% of ad-supported streamers are comfortable providing demographics about themselves if it results in a more relevant ad experience.

Streaming TV’s relevant and personalised environment generates better outcomes. 9 in 10 ad-supported streamers are more likely to pay attention to ads that are relevant to their interests.

Ad-supported viewers place a high level of trust in the ads they see on streaming platforms and nearly half indicated they buy the product or service advertised. Gavin Buxton, Managing Director of Asia, Magnite, said, “Ad-supported streaming in Southeast Asia is flourishing and enabling advertisers to reach new audiences across screens, providing them with more opportunities to captivate their valuable attention. Our research shows that engagement with streaming content extends to the advertising that accompanies it. With streaming’s ability to capture viewer attention and move consumers down the purchasing funnel, brands are presented with a significant opportunity that will only continue to grow alongside expanding viewership.”

Mary Yeo, Regional Director at WeTV, said, “Magnite’s research findings confirm the power of ad-supported streaming and its ability to engage viewers by delivering an immersive experience across screens. As consumers increasingly choose to stream ad-supported content, buyers are presented with new opportunities to place their campaigns around premium streaming inventory and foster meaningful connections with their desired audiences at scale.

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